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About Us


Primeshares skills is an online skills acquisition centre and a digital intermediary that links publishers and creators of high quality ebooks to customers that are interested in buying them.


Primeshares skills was created and introduced in 2023 when the need to acquire specific skills became a noticeable need in the neighboring societies around.


Primeshares skills also allows for effective publication of various Ebooks by users on any topic of their choices and also encourages the marketing and promotions of those set Ebooks by other users for commissions at the end of the period.


The skills can be acquired by all users from their dashboards once they become a user and meets the criteria for those skills set.


Divers skills set are made available and experts are readily accessible to learn from and gain expertise on those skills set. 


On PSSkills, Various users can affiliate the skills centre to other non users, publish an ebook for resale or promote any Ebook of their choice for stated commissions.




     1. How can I become a user on Psskills?

You can become a user by simply signing up from our website and you’re on your way to becoming an expert in one or more skills set

     2.What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes are codes that are required during registration for activation of accounts.


     3. What type of skills are available?
On psskills, we currently have 10 running skills ranging from website development to graphics designing to UI/UX design and lots more.
You can view more from your users dashboard accounts.


       4. How can I qualify for skills classes?

Considering how expensive it is to pay for one or more skills on various websites, we’ve subsidized it to just a one time fee of $8. After this fee is met, A share trend must be carried out by the individual for the minimum required days before he can qualify for the skills class.


         5. Can I publish and promote Ebooks?
Yes, every user on primeshares can publish an ebook on our website for free plus also decide to affiliate or market any Ebook on our website and earn commissions

         6. Do I need to pay any other fee apart from the registration fee?
No, We only require the initial registration fees and after that, there are no additional costs or charges attached


        7. How can I make money with primeshares skills?
You can earn yourself a whole lot of commissions by promotion any of the ebook courses and earning up to over 70% of the cost price or by affiliating the website itself and earning up to 65% and above on each user introduce.

       8. Is primeshares skills ponzi?
Primeshares skills does not associate itself in any form of illegal activities neither do they collect investments and promise low or high interests on them. Since it’s a registered business, it frowns at any form of investments.

        9. Are the tutors of the skills classes reliable?
All tutors of skills classes have more than 2 years experience in their various fields.
You can be rest assured to learn quality skills from them 

For further enquiries kindly contact our help desk